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The Turkish forces pushed new military reinforcements towards their points deployed in the "de-escalation" zone in northwestern Syria.

Local sources stated that a military convoy, which included about 12 armored vehicles and military vehicles, entered the Syrian territories at night from the "Kafr Lusin" crossing in the northern countryside of Idlib and headed towards the Turkish bases.

These moves came days after the Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, visited the Turkish military bases deployed at the borders with Syria, where he spoke at the time about the successes achieved by the Turkish forces in their operations inside Syria and Iraq over the past year, and added that they would continue what he described as “successes” during The current year.

The Turkish forces continue to enter their reinforcements towards their bases in the "de-escalation" area to support the armed factions deployed there, on top of which is the "Al-Nusra Front", which is classified as a terrorist organization on the lists of the United Nations Security Council, as the Turkish forces previously supported the militants in the battles against the Syrian army early last year, but It did not succeed in stopping the army's advance and many of its observation points fell under the siege of the army.

The Turkish forces have recently worked to withdraw their elements and mechanisms from the besieged observation points in northern Syria, where they evacuated many points in Aleppo, Idlib and Hama, as part of a plan to withdraw all the besieged points that are no longer any benefit from their presence, and move their forces towards Idlib countryside.


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