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Calgary Police Services gave a distinctively Canadian twist to an episode highlighting the pent up frustrations aroused by the pervasive global lockdowns during the closing days of 2020. The lockdowns throughout much of the world have become, in effect, the economic nukes in a high-level crime spree that has made 2020 a year like no other. The lethal impacts stemming from multiple unjustifiable lockdowns are being studied and increasingly litigated by formidable international coalitions of jurists and scientists.

The governments of Canada and Canada’s provinces have been instrumental in helping to engineer the viral hysteria launched in 2020. The openly-stated aim of this strange campaign has been to harness disinformation and fear mongering to projects that have more to do with social engineering than protecting public health.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is emerging as a major champion of social engineering derived from an outgrowth of coronaphobia. Trudeau stepped forward at the United Nations recently to justify the transformation of a supposed health crisis into a “global reset.” As leader of a minority government without a single elected Member of Parliament from the large Canadian provinces of Alberta or Saskatchewan, Trudeau declared

The pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to re-imagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.

While Trudeau cavorted on the world stage with the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros and Greta Thunberg, back in Calgary police sought to tighten the lockdown measures by criminalizing an informal round of outdoor shinny hockey. The wide police powers created by Alberta’s emergency measures enactments were tested in a confrontation between two members of the Calgary Police Service and 21 year old professional hockey player named Ocean Wiesblatt.

Ocean Wiesblatt is one of four sporting brothers who are all showing themselves to be prospective National Hockey League material.

The bothers along with their sister, Oceana, all learned American sign language as their original means of communicative interaction with their parents. Both parents are deaf. When the parents divorced, mother Kim took on the large responsibility of raising the siblings who together integrated high-level hockey into the culture of their tightly-knit family.

Now the imposition of lockdowns in 2020 has temporarily sidelined the brothers from their professional careers in competitive sports. The Brooks Bandits, the Prince Albert Raiders and the Portage Terriers that have all hired Wiesblatt family members. Ozzy Wiesblatt has been picked as a NHL prospect by the San Jose Sharks.

Ocean Wiesblatt’s unwillingness to be bullied by two of Calgary’s female Hockey Police might have been influenced by his strong family support as well as the self-confidence he has derived as an up-and-coming professional athlete in Canada’s most popular sport.

Hockey Feed, the official journal of the NHL, reported that the confrontation at the Calgary skating rink saw “the officers repeatedly brandish their tasers during the incident” where “the officers eventually escalated the verbal confrontation into a physical one.” The escalation of violence “led many Canadians and hockey fans around the world to describe the incident as an assault.”


Breitbart was one of the international venues that covered the confrontation on the Calgary skating rink.


When the videoed interactions took place, the majority of players in the pick-up game had left the scene. The police officers’ demands were sprinkled with obscenities uttered with bar room gusto.

In this case the Hockey Police in no way resembled fair-minded referees sent in by the Queen to sort out an important dispute over the nature of Crown law. Rather the two overzealous and seemingly undertrained officers were intent on demonstrating their capacity to muscle down Mr. Wiesblatt until he was reduced to a prostrate position on the freezing Canadian ice.

As Ocean was stripped of his liberty and apprehended as a criminal, the emerging hockey legend was heard to utter words of dismay, words of broad significance at this moment in global history. As the calendar moves from 2020 to 2021, disenfranchised citizens throughout the world are, like the people of Canada, facing a tsunami of attacks on our civil liberties, our economic viability and ultimately on our very lives. Amidst all this, Ocean was heard to exclaim, “Where’s our freedom? These police are handcuffing me. We are outside…. The rules are getting ridiculous.” 

When he articulated these words, Ocean had been kicked, pounded and violently forced into a position of handcuffed submission. Imagine the response if two male police officers had been filmed delivering the same treatment on a female hockey player. Were Ocean’s two uniformed attackers instructed to enact a scripted assault to engender added fear on the part of the public? Why are the officers’ names still being withheld from the public by the both the Alberta government and the Calgary Police Force?

In the face of the assault Mr. Wiesblatt retained a calm composure. He did not lash out irrationally at the aggressors in this situation but rather used his considerable strength simply to remain vertical for as long as possible. Eventually, however, Ocean succumbed to the determination of his attackers to down him.

The public can see for themselves what transpired in a video recorded by a twelve-year old boy, Ryan Sanoubar. Sanoubar was quite possibly one of the shinny hockey players that the police decided to discipline. The whole episode suggests that the health care apparatchiks of Alberta have decided it is better for their wards to stay locked up in lockdowns rather than enjoy intermittent exercise in the fresh Rocky Mountain air.

Sanoubar described the scene when the law enforcement branch of the Great Reset finally overpowered the hockey cowboy from Calgary. The young videographer explained that the police women “had him on the ground for six minutes, just frozen, cutting his skates off with a knife.” Said Sanoubar, “They arrested him and threatened us…”


In the verbal exchange with police Mr. Wiesblatt kept emphasizing that he wanted some clear explanation of what he is supposed to have done wrong. What was his alleged crime? Has playing pick-up hockey on an outdoor rink now become a violation of law in Alberta? If this is the case, what can we expect from the police next?

Emergency Powers and Public Health Acts

The answers from the police officers to Mr. Wiesblatt's main question were limited and lame. Those conducting the very aggressive arrest could come up with no explanation for their actions beyond blaming it all on the hockey player’s alleged failure to be compliant with the contents of the Alberta Public Health Act.

What was not addressed by the Hockey Police is the fact that the Alberta Public Health Act has nothing explicit to say about shinny hockey played on outdoor rinks in Alberta’s biggest city. Instead the Alberta Act, like many public health care acts the world over, simply opens the door to the arbitrary dictates of legions of bureaucrats and elected officials.

In cooperation with their friends in media and police, politicians such as Canada’s Justin Trudeau and Alberta’s Jason Kenney can make arbitrary executive dictates to their heart’s content. There are few limitations on the powers government authorities can claim once the emergency measure provisions of Public Health statutes are enacted.

The only condition in Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth is that the Queen’s First Ministers must keep in place the emergency measure enactments that they themselves invoked in the name of a compliant Crown. In putting in place the core elements of a new regime arising from masking, economic lockdowns and coercively-imposed vaccine mandates, Trudeau and Kenney are cooperating in laying down the conditions of the Great Reset.

Like many men and women of their opportunistic ilk, Trudeau and Kenney are working closely with the UN’s World Health Organization. The WHO’s biggest donors are Bill Gates and Bill’s handler, Melinda Gates. It was the WHO that declared the existence of the pandemic and it was the WHO that named the allegedly new coronavirus as COVID-19.

In this way many governments around the world are claiming virtually unlimited control over many facets of the individual and collective lives of their constituents. As we shall see, this power grab is neither justified nor legitimate under current conditions.

The effect of the physical and economic lockdowns is to annihilate the remaining middle class through attacks on supposed  “non-essential” small businesses. Government complicity in what is ultimately a bankers’ scam is taking place on an unprecedented scale. There has never been anything even remotely like it. The scale of the con far exceeds that of 9/11 or of the so-called “bailouts” of financial institutions deemed “too big to fail” in the period from 2008 to 2010.


One of the effects of the rush to bring about a Great Reset is proving to be the transformation of citizens into infantilized wards of the government. As the fuller meaning of this process is beginning to come to light, the Calgary Police Services Supervisor, Ryan Ayliffe, acknowledged that the new objectives and procedures are making the institutions of law enforcement basically  “untenable.”


Professional Schisms

Signing as “Police on Guard for Thee,” a group of retired and active police officials in Ontario intervened with a very significant commentary. The negative implications of this Calgary episode for the integrity of the rule of law in Canada were emphasized. Police on Guard for Thee argued that the intervention by the Calgary police on an otherwise normal activity on an outdoor public skating rink “put law enforcement officials in an untenable position that must be avoided.”

Speaking on behalf of the group, the principal intervener declared “What happened in Calgary cannot happen again. Never in my life did I think I would see police officers threatening to taser and arrest kids playing pond hockey.” In this and many other similar police incursions into the realms of public and previously private activity, citizens are being asked “to slowly allow all civil liberties to be taken away.”

Police on Guard for Thee observed, “For ten months public officials and Bureaucrats have been operating with arbitrary emergency powers that often violate the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” Rarely do officials in law enforcement and the judicial system “address the lawlessness of these [arbitrary] measures.” The authors thus ask rhetorically, “Are police officers supposed to uphold the Charter which they have taken an oath to protect? Or do Municipal Bylaws now supersede the Constitution?”

Police on Guard for Thee have called for an emergency assembly of police chiefs, Attorneys General, judges, constitutional lawyers, police associations as well as key politicians to address the legal conundrums currently bedeviling the institutions of law enforcement in Canada. Until then “a moratorium needs to be declared on the enforcement of public health orders by peace officers.” The intervener adds, “ten months is far too long for this not to have happened.”


The growing schisms and antagonisms within police organizations and within other agencies of law enforcement are being replicated across many professional fields. Essential to this division within the realm of law enforcement is the split between purists and opportunists. Purists tend to revere the importance of constitutional guarantees established to protect human rights but especially during challenges such as those running rife right now.

On the other side are those officials who prefer to exploit the engineered health crisis in order to extend the frontiers of their own personal and institutional authority. Such opportunists are prone to seek wider horizons for the proliferation of arbitrary dictates such as those that regularly accompany the invocation of emergency measures declarations.

Similar splits are becoming widespread among medical health practitioners. Some practitioners are comfortable with simply following orders from above. Other health care professionals are more oriented to the scientific method. Those committed to the scientific method must be independent thinkers ready and willing to engage in open debate testing divergent scientific hypotheses.

The disappearance of this kind of open debate is being rapidly accelerated by Big Media, governments, and academic institutions. The pandemic’s legions of propagandists and social engineers are clearly obsessed with imposing a cradle-to-grave regime of mandatory vaccines and immunity passports as the precondition for our future transition back to anything resembling citizenship.

Since the imposition of lockdowns in the spring of 2020 citizens seem to have been effectively transformed into wards of the state. The experience on the rink of hockey player Ocean Wieslatt provides a telling illustration of our ward-like condition.

The pressures are building to force us to surrender control over our natural immune systems to Big Pharma. Again and again we are being warned that we shall face severe recriminations if we fail to accept regular jabs of submission. We are being told, for instance, that we might not be able to fly or to attend public events without showing a new kind of passport that proves our fully vaccinated status. The more vaccines we accept, the more our natural immune systems are prone to be overpowered and die.

The divisions that are beginning to break open in the institutions of law enforcement are cutting across many professional realms as it becomes clearer that the Great COVID Reset is radically altering many fields of human endeavor. Indicative of this trend is the increasingly tyrannical censorship that is currently transforming Big Media and Big Tech into instruments of uniform protection for official narratives of all sorts.   

The growing tensions in the field of health care are creating the conditions for a very large exit of nurses from their jobs and careers. One of the reasons given for the exit is that nurses tend to feel undervalued and blocked from engaging in healthy discussion about how to deal with the challenges they are facing.  One nurse asserted, “I need opportunities to discuss what is going on without fear of reprisals from my hospital.”


The rush of health care practitioners away from their profession has been especially marked in Quebec where 1700 nurses have quit during the viral hysteria. An observer of the process noticed the frustration of Quebec nurses as they face from their employers floods of arbitrary “decrees."


Ocean Wiesblatt is far from alone in noticing the ill-considered nature of top-down dictates during a time when simple common sense seems to be in short supply. As he asked when being held down on the ice for the crime of playing hockey, “Where's our freedoms?... The rules are getting ridiculous.”

The Exaggeration of COVID Cases and Deaths

Much of this criticism of the opportunistic exploitation of viral hysteria would be excessive if officials were telling the truth. But that has not been the case in 2020. The deeper one goes in the course of independent research, the more it becomes clear that those in authority are not reporting the actual effects of the supposedly new coronavirus on human health.

Dishonesty at the top has helped generate a crisis of perception spurred on by purposeful misrepresentations triggering viral hysteria. As I have argued in a widely republished article, the COVID pandemic is proving to be a flashpoint in the process of “Assaulting Science in the Name of Science.”


Much of the fraud has roots in gross exaggerations of case rates and death rates. The PCR test, which is sometimes cited as the “gold standard” of COVID testing, is notoriously unreliable producing gross overestimations of “positives.” Often these positive test results are wrongfully characterized as the basis of COVID “cases”.

In the lead up to the current round of lockdowns, people in many countries were presented almost every day with alarmist announcements of rapid increases in COVID cases. Such reports, a major staple of media content over recent months, were designed to generate panic rather than understanding.

The reports of increased cases were gross propaganda designed to panic the public into submitting to emergency measure lockdowns. The lockdowns, in turn, are designed to intensify public frustrations thereby increasing, it is hoped, public willingness to accept the Warp Speed vaccines.

Critics argue there has not been sufficient time to properly test these mRNA vaccines that will modify for all time humanity’s genetic character. Those who take the jabs will become GMOs, genetically modified organisms. 

The effect of this unnecessary plunge into the unknown is that experiments are being conducted on human guinea pigs. This experimentation on human subjects runs contrary to the Nuremberg Principles as articulated in the wake of World War II.

The creator of the PCR test is Kary Mullis. Mullis was awarded a Nobel Prize for his invention that emerged from his work on the HIV-AIDS connection. Mullus died late in 2019 after he made it absolutely clear that the PCR procedure was not useful as a diagnostic instrument.

The abundant frauds and misunderstandings generated by uncritical reporting of PCR testing for COVID-19 infections have been highlighted by many scientists. Among the most prominent of them is Dr. Mike Yeadon, a retired Chief Scientist at Pfizer.

Dr. Yeadon has argued that the health crisis was essentially over by the summer of 2020 and that the time had come to turn the page and end the campaign driving viral hysteria. From Dr. Yeadon’s thesis flowed the interpretation that vaccines for COVID-19 are not only unneeded but are hazardous as well. He has asserted

There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects.


In early December of 2020 Dr. Yeadon and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg introduced a petition demanding a halt to the vaccine regime about to be imposed on Europe. In explaining his position Dr. Yeadon wrote, “I think the PCR test at present is throwing up so many false positives that in fact we’re misdiagnosing the cause of deaths which are being reported. The number of deaths is normal for this time of year.”


The gross inflation of so-called “case” rates has been mirrored by the inflation of death rates. These inflated death rates have largely been produced by simply reporting the regularly high rate of deaths in nursing homes as COVID deaths. In Canada over 80% of COVID deaths have been nursing home deaths.


Elderly people in nursing homes typically have various forms of illness and infirmity. When nursing home patients died in Canada throughout 2020 they were most frequently counted as having passed away from COVID-19 rather than with COVID-19. Even the Center for Disease Control in the United States, the CDC, acknowledged that “for 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause of death mentioned.” The other 94% of recorded deaths were, in fact, deaths that came about from a combination of “comorbidities” averaging 2.9 interrelated causes.


It seems that those counting the COVID death rates during the winter of 2020-21 may in fact be exaggerating the numbers by counting flu and cold deaths as COVID mortalities. The colds and influenza infections that proliferate every autumn often arise from coronavirus infections. The larger global picture is that the worldwide rate of deaths has not been significantly altered throughout this year of the WHO-declared pandemic.


Dividing Albertans to Promote Viral Hysteria

The treatment of Ocean Wiesblatt was part of a series of actions by the Calgary police that prompted Theoren Fleury to pose some deeper questions about the real nature of the viral hysteria. Fleury was a prominent member of the Calgary Flames NHL Hockey Team in the 1990s. Fleury is well known for charging a hockey coach with sexually molesting him during his younger years. In commenting on the role of Calgary’s Hockey Police, Fleury wrote,

This is not a good look for Calgary Police but thank you for waking people up to what’s actually going on. This is no longer about a virus and this [assault of Ocean Wiesblatt] is a perfect example of why it isn’t.


Fleury is far from alone in his observation that issues other than those of public health are driving the viral hysteria. This perspective informs the understanding of a commenter quoted by CBN News. CBN advertises itself as a journalistic venue advancing “the Christian perspective.” A commenter asserts,

When people are arrested for playing outdoor hockey in Canada, you know that the country is over. This has nothing to do with an epidemic, and everything to do with a war on Canada’s culture and customs. The epidemic is nothing but an excuse to carry out state rogue behaviour.


Another participant in the discussion explained, “As a mother of a hockey player, my blood is boiling. This is beyond contemptible. #NotMyCanada.”

The aggressive and demeaning behaviour of some Albertan officials in waging their war on COVID-19 is graphically illustrated in a series of television commercials produced by the government of Premier Jason Kenney and his Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw. The main idea of the ad campaign is to encourage Albertans to view one another first and foremost as potential biohazards. Even worse, the TV ads are designed to instigate hatreds towards so-called “anti-maskers” and “superspreaders.”

Where is the instinct for compassion in a difficult time? In order to heighten the viral hysteria during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, Albertans were billed $2 million to be confronted with a hideous “Uncle Mike.” Uncle Mike is depicted with a glutinous fellow with a beer belly and a hideous coronavirus head guaranteed to haunt the nightmares especially of impressionable little children.

In 2020 the culture of mandatory masking, lockdowns, and vaccines is feeding the fetish of social, psychological and economic distancing. This development is no longer consistent with many cherished inheritances and traditions including, for starters, the Canadian contact sport of hockey.


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