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A few hours before hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered for a rally outside the White House, the result of the long-awaited vote for Georgia’s two senate seats was declared. As predicted by both sides, but for different reasons, voters had handed control of Georgia – and of the senate – to the Democrats, giving Vice President elect Kamala Harris the casting vote in the New America.

 While Democrat supporters – who now number in the billions around the world – saw this final defeat of the Republicans and of Donald Trump as the coup de grace – enabling unhindered application of their “progressive” agenda, for Democrat opponents this was the very last straw. (note that Alastair Crooke’s perceptive analysis was written just before the “epiphany”). This vital context for the subsequent march to the Capitol and the protestors’ invasion of the hallowed halls of “American Democracy” was completely missing from the mainstream reporting of the event, and the hysterical accusations against President Trump for “inciting a riot”.

Also missing from this context was mention of the debate about to take place in the Senate chamber, following a challenge brought by a dozen Republican Senators to the certification of the electoral college vote, and an examination of the many claims of election fraud. Though constantly reported as “baseless claims”, some of them are highly credible. More importantly, these documented cases of fraud, and conspiracy to deprive Trump of crucial votes in swing states are seen as already proven by many millions of ordinary Americans.

For them too, the wilful determination of mainstream media and commentators to dismiss and ignore any such claims, and label anyone making them as “far-right” or QAnon conspiracy believers, only makes them more incensed and more polarised, confirming their beliefs that there really is “a conspiracy” to stifle their liberty and livelihoods in a brave new world created by and for the rich and powerful elites.

Despite this, and because the vast majority of people who came to Washington to express their ongoing support for Donald Trump were optimistic and peaceful, their march to the Capitol to “stop the steal” was like any other large protest rally. Those that joined the crowd who pushed their way into the building may have been more passionate and more angry, but video recorded by supporters of the rally shows clearly that they were orderly and non-violent, armed only with flags and slogans, and weapons of a different kind – phones and video cameras.  

Thanks to those videos, significant evidence has now emerged that violent confrontations with staff and police were initiated by agents provocateurs allied to Antifa – whose presence at other rallies had a similar result. Ironically this accusation was made against “JaydenX” aka John Sullivan and a BLM activist, whose filming of the events outside the Speakers Lobby provided crucial evidence of the crime that defines this story of the All-American martyr, Ashli Babbitt.

The “journey” of Ashli Babbitt through the labyrinth of the Capitol building that culminated in her execution has been well-charted by none other than Bellingcat – something that should immediately ring alarm bells about what actually happened and what may have been planned. Frames from Sullivan’s video showing the moments before and after her shooting suggests strongly that it was “premeditated”. It is hard to think of any other recent event where a single act of murder has been exploited to a similar degree to suit the executors’ agenda – other than the killing of George Floyd.

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(Further close examination of the InfoWars recording for the details which Bellingcat chose to avoid appears to show coordination between agitators and police, with guards at the door suddenly getting out of the way before Ashli is shot, and then returning following her death to shout at protesters to get out. The sequence from 37.30 to 40.30 in the Resistance video shows these crucial minutes, in addition to showing Ashli Babbitt’s last breaths. She died within one minute of the shot, contrary to most media reports, at the moment shown in the confronting image below.)

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A comparison of the media’s treatment of that event, and the BLM rallies and violence that followed is very instructive – though dangerous territory in the newly censorious post-Trump climate, as Australia’s deputy leader Michael McCormick is now finding out. Asked whether he supported the Twitter banning of still-President Trump, he asked who else should also then be banned and declared his opposition to such censorship of freedom of speech. This common-sense sentiment would likely have been shared by Ashli Babbitt, whose twitter handle was CommonAshSense – but drew an extraordinary response from the left and even from Amnesty International. They demanded that McCormick withdraw what they considered a slur against the Black and Indigenous rights movement, as well as calling for the removal of two similarly minded Government MPs. The criticism of McCormick is increasingly shrill and intimidatory, with few voicing any opposition to the exercise of such extraordinary powers by unelected and unaccountable – and unknown – Twitter executives.

While the views of a couple of “right-wing” Australian MPs on the great US divide may seem a little parochial, it is actually symbolic of a global malaise, which is the inability and unwillingness of the mainstream media and its hypnotised supplicants to discuss the “conspiracy theories” they reject so wholeheartedly - thanks to “fact-checkers” sponsored by and affiliated exclusively with the same “mainstream”.  Those MPs - George Christensen and Craig Kelly - both deny the science on climate change, for which they are eternally damned, and so are deemed untrustworthy on every other contentious subject. And at the moment there is nothing more contentious than the “Scamdemic”, or the pandemic of disinformation and lies about every aspect of the Coronavirus pandemic.

I have previously drawn attention to Craig Kelly’s advocacy of Hydroxychloroquine, and the problems this creates in persuading climate activist colleagues of its life-saving potential and use to de-fang the novel Coronavirus. Now attention is turning to vaccines as the supposed saviour from a disease that is little threat to the vast majority of those in line for “the jab”, so anyone expressing doubts about the safety of a poorly tested experimental inoculation with mRNA stands condemned as an “anti-Vaxer”. Suddenly the tentacles of Big Pharma are seen as a loving embrace by these newly converted “Covidians”.

The same condemnation will now be meted out on anyone who dares suggest the UK’s “dangerous new variant” is no more infectious than the “old variant” – which we were repeatedly told was also highly infectious, despite a lack of evidence. Adding further to the calls for the public to be shielded from Craig Kelly’s conspiratorial musings, he has now drawn much needed attention to the dangers to children’s psychological and physical health from being forced to wear masks at school. Edinburgh psychoanalyst Bruce Scott, cited above, has also spoken and written on this critical question.

Meanwhile the stoking up of fear based on escalating numbers of “positive tests” and alleged deaths of young and old “from” COVID is enabling draconian restrictions on freedom and overbearing surveillance by the state that we would never have thought possible, and would never have believed necessary or even legitimate in peacetime. More than that, we would never have thought that so many intelligent and thoughtful people could come to believe all these lies about the SARS-2 disease, and accept the dictates of governments they previously showed little trust in.

But according to Bellingcat, our journey towards enlightenment has been one of “radicalisation” and indoctrination, as they portray our martyr Ashli Babbitt’s personal journey and conversion from Obama supporter to reluctant Republican and finally MAGA supporter. Bellingcat’s researches on social media do however show how Babbitt’s interest in the more radical conspiracy theories of QAnon appears to have only developed last year – and likely as a result of increasing evidence that the Coronavirus “plandemic” was such a “global conspiracy”. Information and evidence for this is widely shared and believed by these “Red Americans”. Readers may draw their own conclusions on this proudly patriotic and dedicated woman with the help of a comprehensive illustrated life-story from the Daily Mail.

Those of us outside the US who have similarly rejected the mainstream portrayal of the viral epidemic, and drawn attention to the corrupt allegiances between the pharmaceutical industry and government-allied science institutions and individuals, now find ourselves barracking for the wrong team yet again. Just as it was a case of “anything but Clinton”, or “better groper than killer” as I used to say to my unamused friends, this time it has become “anyone who questions the mainstream narrative on the Coronavirus pandemic” – regardless of their other beliefs. And some of those beliefs are problematic – not just the oddly common belief that climate change is a hoax, but all those beliefs they usually share with the Western mainstream – Sinophobia, Russophobia and support for Israel.

It’s not a great choice, as support for Trump is now socially prohibited, but there is no choice, not even to grin and bear it behind a mask. We can only learn to live with and love our new bedfellows, and remember the happiness and hope in the rally before the storm.


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